Derech HaTorah is a place where I offer information for those questioning Christianity or other faith systems as well as those who are Jewish but do not have a strong religious background. I write from a Rationalistic, Tanakh-Based Jewish perspective. This site is copyrighted. Everything on this site is free to use with written permission. If you wish to redistribute anything from this site please Contact me for permission.

This site is guided by three adages:

“Choice Through Knowledge”
“Search the Scripture well and do not rely on my opinion”
“Tradition has a vote but not a veto”

All of these adages is about making choices about Jewish ritual practice based on study of Torah and the understanding of the meanings of Jewish traditions.


Jewish Apologetics

Jewish apologetics attempts to defend Jews, our religion, and our culture from critics. Jewish apologetics formed as a response to the challenges of pagans and Christianity.

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Judaism 101

Judaism (Yahadut in Hebrew) in its simplest definition is the embodiment of the religion, culture, and legal structure of the Children of Israel.
There are two main factions in Judaism: Rabbinic and Karaite.

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Prayer Wheels

Inter-Faith Relations: Survey of World Religions (Part 5)

The founder of Buddhism was a royal prince born in 624 BCE in northern India – now a part of Nepal – who was given the name Siddhartha. He lived in the royal palace but when he was 29-years-old he moved into the forest to follow a life of meditation.

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Japa Mala Prayer Beads

Inter-Faith Relations: Survey of World Religions (Part 4)

Hinduism is unique among the world faith systems because it has no founder and no date of origin. Most major religions derive their ideas from charismatic leaders but “Hinduism is simply the religion of the people from India.”

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