Derech HaTorah is a place where I offer information for those questioning Christianity or other faith systems as well as those who are Jewish but do not have a strong religious background. I write from a Rationalistic, Tanakh-Based Jewish perspective. This site is copyrighted. Everything on this site is free to use with written permission. If you wish to redistribute anything from this site please Contact me for permission.

This site is guided by three adages:

“Choice Through Knowledge”
“Search the Scripture well and do not rely on my opinion”
“Tradition has a vote but not a veto”

All of these adages is about making choices about Jewish ritual practice based on study of Torah and the understanding of the meanings of Jewish traditions.


Jewish Apologetics

Jewish apologetics attempts to defend Jews, our religion, and our culture from critics. Jewish apologetics formed as a response to the challenges of pagans and Christianity.

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Judaism 101

Judaism (Yahadut in Hebrew) in its simplest definition is the embodiment of the religion, culture, and legal structure of the Children of Israel.
There are two main factions in Judaism: Rabbinic and Karaite.

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Bahai Book of Prayers

Inter-Faith Relations: Survey of World Religions (Part 3)

The Bah’ai Faith grew out of Shi’ite Islam and the belief in a 12th Imam – a successor of Mohammed – who would renew religion and guide the faithful. In 1844 Mirza Ali Mohammed proclaimed an imminent appearance of a new messenger of God who would overturn old beliefs and customs and usher in a new era.

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Inter-Faith Relations: Survey of World Religions (Part 2)

Islam’s origins can be traced back to about 600 CE in the central Arabian Desert. The religion began with the teachings of Mohammed who was considered by his followers to be the last messenger of Allah. Islam spread rapidly from the Arabian Peninsula in less than 30 years.

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