Ketuvim Proofs

The Ketuvim (כתובם) covers the period after the return from the Babylonian exile (6th century BCE) and contains 12 books. The Ketuvim is made up of various writings that do not have an overall theme. This section of the Tanach includes poems and songs, the stories of Job, Ruth, and Esther, the writings and prophecies of Daniel, and the history of the kings of Eretz Yisrael.

Psalms Proofs

Jesus was G-d’s son (2:7) :: Jesus cried out on the cross (22:2) :: Jesus was mocked (22:7-8) :: Jesus was crucified (22:17) :: Jesus’ garments were distributed by lots (22:19) :: Jesus’ bones were not broken (34:21) :: Jesus had false witnesses against him (35:11) :: Jesus’ family, friends, and disciples stood far away (38:12) :: Jesus was betrayed by a friend (41:10) :: Jesus was offered gall and vinegar (69:22) :: Jesus sat at G-d’s right side (110:1) :: Jesus was the rejected stone and the new cornerstone (118:22)

Daniel Proofs

G-d took the form of a man (3:23-27) :: The 70th week will be Jesus’ second coming (9:24)