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Jesus was a Nazrene (Judges 13:5; Matthew 2:23).

The word used in Judges is Nazirite (נְזִיר) – someone who has taken the Nazirite vows.

The Nazirite vow is explain in Numbers 6:1-21. The vow entails the following:

*Refrain from eating food or drinking any liquid from new or aged wine (verses 3-4)

*Refrain from cutting one’s hair (verse 5)

*Refrain from coming into contact with the dead (verses 6-12)

*At the end of the period of the vow, the Nazirite shall bring a burnt offering, a sin offering, a *peace offering, and a meal offering to the Temple and shave off his hair (verses 13-21)

Jesus did not do any of these things. Jesus was not a Nazirite which is what is being spoken about in this verse from Judges.

The verse in Matthew speaks of the prophets saying “He shall be called a Nazarene.” The problem is that there is no such prophecy.

The city of Nazareth is never mentioned in the Tanakh.