Torah Proofs

The Torah (the Books of Moses) (תורה) is made up of five books that were given to Moshe haNavi (Prophet Moses) directly from God shortly after the Exodus from Mitzraim around 1230BCE. The Written and Oral Torahs (Mishnah) was handed down through the successive generations from the time of Moshe.

The Torah covers the time from the creation of the earth and the first humans, the Great Flood and the covenant with the gentiles, the enslavement of and Exodus from the Hebrews in Mitzraim, giving of the Torah (Written and Oral), renewal of Covenant given to Avraham, festivals established, wandering through the desert, the Tabernacle Ark, and Priestly duties, and the death of Moshe haNavi. The Torah is broken down into parts (parsha). Each Parsha is usually named after one of the first words of that section of the Torah.

Genesis Proofs

Trinity (1:1-3) :: Three persons of the trinity (1:26) :: Jesus was born of a virgin (3:15) :: Jesus was tempted by Satan (3:15) :: Jesus’ bodily ascension (5:24) :: The G-d of Shem will be the son of Shem (9:26-27) :: Three persons of the trinity (11:7-8) :: Jesus was a descendant of Abraham (12:3) :: Jesus will lead the world away from sin (12:3) :: Jesus fulfilled the promises given to Abraham (12:7) :: Jesus became the high priest (14:18) :: Jesus became king (14:18) :: Forshadowing the last supper (14:18) :: Jesus was from the seed of Isaac (17:9) :: G-d can appear as a coporeal being (18:1-3) :: Jesus was crucified on Golgatha (22:2) :: Jesus spent three days and nights in the tomb (22:4) :: Jesus was the final Passover sacrifice (22:8) :: Jesus did not have to be from the physical line of Joseph (38:6-9) :: Jesus (Shiloh) arrived at the proper time (49:10) :: Jesus (Shiloh) was of the tribe of Judah (49:10) :: Jesus was Shiloh (49:10) :: Jesus (Shiloh) arrived before Judah lost its identity (49:10) :: Jesus (Shiloh) was obeyed by the people (49:10)

Exodus Proofs

Jesus was the final Passover sacrifice (12:5) :: Jesus’ sacrifice saves the world (12:13) :: Jesus was exalted as salvation (15:2) :: Jesus had the character of holiness (15:11) :: Jesus was the rock of Israel (17:6) :: Jesus had the character of mercy (33:19)

Leviticus Proofs

Jesus was a priest (14:11) :: Jesus was a sin offering (16:15-17,27; 17:11)

Numbers Proofs

Jesus was the Passover sacrifice (9:12) :: Jesus was lifted up on a pole (21:9) :: Jesus was the redeemer (24:17)

Deuteronomy Proofs

Trinity (6:4) :: Jesus was a prophet like Moses (18:15-16) :: Jesus would prophecy like Moses (18:18) :: Jesus removed the curse of the Law (21:22-23)