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* Some of these dates are partially based upon Jewish tradition.

2000-1750bce Old Babylonian period
2000-1700bce Israel’s Patriarchal period
1900-1400bce Old Assyrian period
1882bce Terach born
1813bce Abraham born
1750-1200bce Hittite empire
1765bce The Tower of Babel
1713bce Isaac born
1700-1550bce Hyksos in Egypt
1677bce Sarah dies
1653bce Jacob born
1638bce Abraham dies
1600-1150bce Kassite period (Babylonia)
1570-1085bce New Kingdom period (Egypt)
1565bce Levi born
1562bce Joseph born
1533bce Isaac dies
1523bce Jacob and his family join Joseph in Egypt
1500-1200bce Ugaritic texts
1452bce Joseph dies
1429bce Egyptian enslavement of the Hebrews begins
1400-900bce Middle Assyrian period
1400-1300bce Amarna period (Egypt)
1393bce Moses born
1355bce Joshua born
1280bce Exodus from Egypt
1240bce Joshua launches foray into Jerusalem
1200-1050bce Period of the Judges
1150-900bce Middle Babylonian period
1106bce Deborah judges Israel
1050-450bce Prophets Samuel and Malachi
1000-587bce Monarchical period in Israel
1030-1010bce Saul (transitional king)
1010-970bce David conquers the Jebusites and makes Jerusalem his capital
970-931bce Solomon builds the First Temple
931bce Secession of Northern Kingdom (Israel) from Southern Kingdom (Judah)
900-312bce Neo-Assyrian period
750-725bce Prophets Amos, Hosea, Isaiah
722bce Northern Kingdom (Israel) destroyed by Assyrians
701bce Assyrian ruler Sennacherib besieges Jerusalem
612-538bce Neo-Babylonian (“Chaldean”) period
600-580bce Prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel
587bce Southern Kingdom (Judah) and First Temple destroyed-Babylonian exile
541bce First Jews return from Babylon to rebuild the city and its walls
539bce Persian ruler Cyrus the Great conquers Babylonian Empire