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1517ce Victory of (Muslim Ottoman Turk) Selim I over Egypt
520-1566ce Sulayman I, “the Magnificent,” rules
1553ce Under the direction of Cardinal Caraffa, later Pope Paul IV, the Talmud was confiscated and publically burned in Rome
1554ce Cornelio da Montalcino, a Franciscan Friar who converted to Judaism, is burned alive in Rome
1555ce Pope Paul IV renewed all anti-Jewish legislation and installed a ghetto in Rome
1558ce In Recanti, Italy Joseph Paul More, a baptized Jew, entered a synagogue on Yom Kippur and tried to preach a conversion sermon
1585ce First known Jew to step on American soil, Joachim Gaunse (Ganz), lands on Roanoke Island
1566ce Pope Pius V reinstates the restrictions of Pope Paul IV
1586ce Pope Sixtus V forbids Jews from living in the Papal states and to print the Talmud
1593ce Pope Clement VIII expelled Jews from all Papal states except Rome and Ancona
1603ce Frei Diogo Da Assumpacao, a partly Jewish friar who embraced Judaism, was burned alive in Lisbon
1614ce Vincent Fettmilch, who called himself the “new Haman of the Jews,” led a raid on a Frankfurt synagogue
1615ce King Louis XIII of France decreed that all Jews must leave the country
1616ce Jesuits arrives in Grodno, Poland and accused the Jews of blood orgies and host desecrations
1619ce Shah Abbasi of the Persian Sufi Dynasty increased persecution against the Jews
1621ce Sir Henry Finch makes the first English call to restore the Jews to their homeland
1622-1629ce Persian Jews are forced to convert to Islam
1625ce Pope Urban VIII forbids Roman Jews to erect gravestones
1636ce Rhode Island grants religious liberty to Jews
1639ce More than 80 New Christians were burned at the stake in Lima, Peru
1642ce The first Jewish colony in the New World is established in Recife, Brazil
1648ce Bogdan Chmelnitzki massacres 100,000 Jews in Poland
1654ce Arrival of 23 Jews from Brazil in New Amsterdam
1655ce Dutch West India Company allows Jewish settlers to reside permanently in New Amsterdam
1655ce Jews readmitted to England by Oliver Cromwell
1657ce The first Jews gain the rights of citizens in America
1670ce Jews expelled from Vienna