Roman Rule

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* Some of these dates are partially based upon Jewish tradition.

63bce Rome (Pompey) annexes the land of Israel
37-34bce Herod the Great
20bce Herod creates Temple Mount and begins to rebuild the Temple
13bce-41ce Philo Judaeus of Alexandria
37-100ce Josephus
66-73ce First Jewish Revolt against Rome
70ce Destruction of Jerusalem and the second Temple
73ce Last stand of Jews at Masada
114-117ce Jewish Revolts against Rome in Cyprus, Egypt and Cyrene
120-135ce Rabbi Akiva active in consolidating Rabbinic Judaism
132-135ce Bar Kokhba rebellion
136ce Hadrian renames Jerusalem Aelia Capatolina and builds a Pagan temple
over the the site of the Second Temple
138-161ce Antoninus Pius repeals many of the previously instituted harsh policies towards Jews
200ce Mishnah compiled/edited under Judah the Prince
220-470ce Amoraim flourish
220ce Babylonian Jewish Academy founded at Sura by Rab