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Sefer Divrei Hayamim – the Book of Chronicles – is the eleventh book in the Ketuvim (Writings) section of the Tanach.

Sefer Divrei Hayamim Aleph (First Chronicles)

Genealogy of the Davidic Dynasty (1:1-3:24)

Abraham’s seed, Ishmael, Sons of Jeturah, Isaac, Esau, Seir, Edom’s early kings

The Genealogy of Judah (2:1-4:23)

Perez to David, Other descendants of Hezron, Caleb son of Hezron, King David’s children and royal line, Other descendants of Judah, Caleb son of Jephunneh

Genealogies of the Other Tribes (4:24-8:40)

Simeon, Reuben, Gad, Half of Manasseh, The tribe of Levi Kohanim, Levite families, The Temple singers, Levite cities, Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, The other half of Manasseh, Ephraim, Asher, Genealogy of King Saul, The first Royal family

The Returning Exiles (9:1-38)

Returning exiles

King Saul (9:39-10:14)

Genealogy, Death of King Saul

King David (11:1-29:30)

David’s leading warriors, David’s first loyalists, His camp grows: from Benjamin and Judah, from Menasseh, and from the other tribes, David becomes king, Unity and the Ark, The monarchy is established, David defeats the Philistines and does it again, The Ark arrives, Celebration and thanksgiving, Remembering G-d’s covenant, Jerusalem and Gibeon, David’s rejected hope to build a Temple, Promise that Solomon will build the Temple, David subdues his enemies, David’s ill-fated census, Preparation for the Temple, Officers of the realm, David’s last days

Sefer Divrei Hayamim Beit (Second Chronicles)

King Solomon (1:1-9:31)

G-d is with Solomon, Solomon requests wisdom, Alliance with Huram, Solomon builds the Temple, Solomon’s prayer, New cities, Labor conscripts, Palace for the queen, The Queen of Sheba and the royal gifts, Solomon’s throne and stables

King Rehoboam (10:1-12:16)

Jeroboam confronts the new king, The elders’ sound advice is ignored, The king rebuffs his subjects and they respond in kind, Rehoboam abandons the fight and consolidates his rule, G-d-fearing people rally to him, Rehoboam’s family and his decline, Egypt advances and plunders, The prophet’s warning and Israel repents

King Abijah (13:1-23)

Abijah challenges Jeroboam, Jeroboam’s disloyalty and hypocrisy, Victory for Judah

King Asa (14:1-16:14)

Asa destroys the idols, Battle with arms and prayer, Azariah exhorts Asa to repent and Asa obeys, Offerings and covenant, Asa’s first war

King Jehoshaphat (17:1-21:1)

G-d’s approval, Teaching Torah, Alliance with Ahab, Ahab’s false prophets, Micah is summoned and brings a dire vision, Jehoshaphat’s escape and Ahab’s death, Jehu’s admonition, G-d protects Jehoshaphat, Prophecy and salvation, G-d confuses the enemy and total victory, Jehoshaphat’s successful reign

King Jehoram (21:1-20)

Jehoram sins, Edom’s rebellion, Elijah’s ominous letter, Disaster strikes Judah

King Ahaziah (22:1-12)

His wicked mother dominates, Misguided wars, Double assassination

King Joash (23:1-24:27)

Joash is crowned, Athaliah is arrested, Jehoiadah’s covenant, Joash renovates the Temple, Zechariah assassinated, Aram invades, Joash assassinated

King Amaziah (25:1-28)

Amaziah avenges his father’s death, Prophetic warning, Amaziah obeys and succeeds, Judah defeated, Jerusalemites loyal to G-d

King Uzziah (26:1-23)

Victory against Philistines, Uzziah’s towers, Offensive and defensive weaponry, The Kohanim remonstrate, Uzziah’s punishment: Leprosy

King Jotham (27:1-9)

Defeat Ammon

King Ahaz (28;1-27)

Baal worship, Struck by kings of Aram and Israel, Prophetic warning to Samaria, Ephraimites obey the prophet, Ahaz suffers at hands of Edomites, Philistines and Assyria,

King Hezekiah (29:1-32:33)

Hezekiah exhorts Kohanim and Levites to cleanse the Temple of idolatry, The consecration, Pesach offering, Letters of return mocked by majority of Ephraim and Manasseh, Festival of Matzos, Destruction of idolatry, Priestly and levitical portions, Preparations for war, Sennacherib’s blasphemous threats, Hezekiah and Isaiah pray and are answered, Hezekiah’s near-fatal illness, Hezekiah’s wealth

King Manasseh (33:1-20)

Builder of idolatry, Manasseh leads Judah astray, G-d sends Assyria; Manasseh repents, Manasseh fortifies Jerusalem, removes idols, and rebuilds G-d’s altar

King Ammon (33:21-25)

King Ammon

King Josiah (34:1-35:27)

Seeker of G-d; destroyer of idols, The Temple is repaired, The newly-founded Torah scroll and is read to the king, G-d’s wrath will not be extinguished, The king reads the Scroll in public, Josiah’s Pesach offering, Sacrificial service, Josiah confronts Neco, king of Egypt, and is killed

Remaining Kings (36:1-23)

King Jehoahaz, King Jehoiakim, King Jehoiachin, King Zedekiah