Ester (Esther)

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Sefer Ester – the Book of Esther – is the eighth book in the Ketuvim (Writings) section of the Tanach.

The Royal Banquet (1:1-22)

The king’s lavish celebration, Queen Vashti’s feast and her defiance of the king

The Search for a Queen (2:1-23)

Esther is brought to the competition but keeps her identity secret, Esther pleases Ahaseurus and becomes the queen, Mordechai saves the king’s life

Haman’s Rise and Esther’s Triumph (3:1-10:3)

Mordechai defies Haman who decides to kill all Jews, Haman persuades the king, receives the royal signet, and issues the decree of genocide, Esther is informed and urged to help, Mordechai demands action, Esther asks for a fast, Esther risks her life but the king is gracious, Haman’s gallows, Haman’s arrival and prescription for honor, Esther’s plea and accusation of Haman, The king’s fury and demand for Haman’s hanging, Mordechai become viceroy, The decree is revised and the Jews defend themselves against their enemies, Purim is proclaimed