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Sefer Ezra-Nechemiah – the Book of Ezra-Nehemiah – is the tenth book in the Ketuvim (Writings) section of the Tanach.

Return to the Land (Ezra 1:1-2:70)

Cyrus’ proclamation and the response, Returning Israelites by family and by city, The Temple ministrants, Those of dubious descent

Building the Second Temple (3:1-6:22)

The Altar and its offerings, Construction of the Temple’s foundation begins, The enemies offer assistance, The Temple construction is halted, Haggai and Zechariah prophesy, Tattenai investigates and informs the king, Recollection of Cyrus’ decree, The king’s reply to Tattenai and his directive, Successful construction, The inauguration celebration and the Pesach offering

Ezra Takes Charge (7:1-10:44)

The king’s letter and permission to return, Contributions for the Temple, The king finances the Temple services, Temple personnel exempted from taxes, Enforcement of Torah law, Ezra’s thanksgiving praise, The family heads, The Levites, Ezra’s fast, Guardians for the valuables, The valuables delivered and weighed, Burnt offerings, Royal decrees transmitted, Ezra’s public prayer, Assembly and remorse, Covenant and oath, Public assembly in Jerusalem, Ezra’s charge to the people and the congregation’s response and compliance, The repentant transgressors

Nehemiah (Nehemiah 1:1-2:20)

News of Jerusalem, Nehemiah’s distress and prayer, Nehemiah before the king, The people accept Nehemiah’s plan and the enemies ridicule

Building Jerusalem’s Wall (3:1-4:17, 6:1-6:19)

The eastern wall, northern wall, western wall, and southern wall, Sanballat’s threat, Nehemiah’s prayer, Jerusalem’s enemies conspire, Defensive measures, False prophet detected, Completion of the wall, Tobiah’s Jewish friends

Economic Inequity and Iniquity (5:1-5:19)

Nehemiah confronts the lords and sets the example

Populace of Judah (7:1-9:5)

The Book of Lineage, Returnees by family and by city, The Temple ministrants, Those of dubious descent, The total, The leaders contribute, The people request Torah and Ezra reads to them, The learned clarify for the unlearned, Succos festival, Public penance

Levites’ Song of Praise (9:6-10:1)

Selection and covenant of Abraham, Redemption from Egypt, Revelation at Sinai, Rebellious nation, Divine compassion, Conquest of Canaan, Recurrent rebelliousness, Plea for mercy

The Lasting Covenant (10:1-40)

The signers: Kohanim, Levites, others, The oath of allegiance to the Torah and its laws, Temple offerings, Priestly offerings

Settlers of Jerusalem (11:1-36)

Settlers of Jerusalem: Judah and Benjamin, Kohanim, Levites, and others, Towns, Benjamites

Families of the Kohanim and Levites (12:1-26)

Succession of High Priests, Family heads of the Kohanim, Family heads of the Levites

The Walls of Jerusalem Dedicated (12:27-13:3)

The march begins, The Kohanim, The procession continues, Portion of the Kohanim and Levites

Nehemiah’s Reforms (13:1-31)

Alien men, Eliashib and Tobiah, Levite portion, Sabbath desecration, Gentile wives