Kohelet (Ecclesiastes)

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Sefer Kohelet – the Book of Ecclesiastes – is the seventh book in the Ketuvim (Writings) section of the Tanach. According to tradition it was written by Samuel.

Solomon’s Writings

Although the wicked will prosper they will ultimately come to an unfavorable end, One who abandons Torah has become crooked, Obsession with worldly pleasure is itself futile, Folly helps one cherish wisdom, As one is pure in the hour of his birth so should he be pure in the hour of his death, One should rejoice in his lot and do what is right in G-d’s eye, Man will be held to account for his deeds, Agriculture is the best occupation and yields the most reward, Both the wise and the foolish must toil for what they achieve, G-d gave man life so that he can act righteously, G-d deals strictly with the righteous to atone for their sins so that they will not require punishment in the Hereafter, Evildoers will not escape punishment for their deeds, A fool will place himself in danger while a wise man will guard himself, Charity should be given even to strangers